Theoria Records signs worldwide distribution deal...

Theoria Records signs worldwide distribution deal with We Are Triumphant in partnership with The Orchard.

The ancient Greek word Theoria translates to “contemplation” or “looking into” and is the root of the English “theory”. It is also the foundation of everything that new independent label THEORIA RECORDS is built upon.

Co-founded and operated by Chris Wethington and Cody Frain - who between them have over twenty years of experience in the music industry as touring artists, managers, booking agents, marketers, label directors, and A&R reps - Theoria Records is founded on the belief, or theory, that there are four traits that support success:

Having PASSION for what you do;
INTEGRITY in how you do it;
CREATIVITY in overcoming obstacles;
and HUMILITY in success.

This theory was the result of experiencing the exact opposite of these traits in dealings with others in the music industry, and seeing that all too often authentic talent or passion isn’t even considered or looked into for all the wrong reasons.

“When I made the decision to jump into the music industry with the launch of my own management agency in 2018, I started with the goal of helping artists find their own success,” explains Wethington. “In order to do that, I also had to define my own version of success, and the traits that I thought would help me reach it.”

“That theory, the traits that I incorporate into how I conduct myself personally and in business, formed the initial idea behind everything I wanted to do in music. After Cody and I talked about our vision for our label, we both agreed that the name and concept behind Theoria was a perfect fit and so Theoria Records was born.”

Both Wethington and Frain started their careers in music as artists, and both continue to be active in their respective bands SOFTSPOKEN and A SCENT LIKE WOLVES. The two were first connected when their bands toured together in early 2017.

From there Frain expanded his industry knowledge by launching RECOVERY PROMOTIONS, his own promotion/tour booking company in his home state of Pennsylvania, which later led to positions as label director of CI RECORDS, and his current role as an A&R at WE ARE TRIUMPHANT.

Always the “band dad” of any group he’s been a part of, Wethington took his organizational skills and industry knowledge to dive head first into management, and is currently a manager at 307 ARTIST MANAGEMENT where he and the 307 team work with artists such as VRSTY, EYES SET TO KILL, RVNT, and many more.

Having negotiated and secured label deals for their own bands and others, Wethington and Frain bring a unique understanding of the struggles that both musicians and indie labels face from both sides of the fence, and have created what they believe is a solution to offer mutual-growth and success.

Envisioning Theoria Records as more than just a means to distribution, Wethington and Frain are proud to offer their knowledge and experience to not only help artists sell records, but also help them develop skills and knowledge for their own long-term success.

Theoria Records’ worldwide distribution deal with We Are Triumphant and, by extension, partnership with The Orchard is another key piece to that solution.

Greg Long, founder of We Are Triumphant, speaks highly of both Frain and Wethington. "Cody and Chris have a talent for finding great bands, and a real vision for what they are doing. We have had the pleasure of helping labels like Ghost Killer Entertainment get established from their beginnings, and I am confident that Theoria Records will blossom quickly and see great success."

Touching on the history with Long and We Are Triumphant, Frain adds, “I’ve been friends with Greg ever since A Scent Like Wolves signed with We Are Triumphant back in 2015. It was a no-brainer for me to work for his label as an A&R when he asked me back in 2019. I have always respected the hard work and vision behind Greg and the We Are Triumphant team.

“They are one of the few labels that gives underground bands a chance, and that is something that I heavily believe in. I am beyond excited to start this new journey with these two incredible teams now supporting the vision Chris and I have for Theoria Records.”

Summing up what Theoria Records looks for, Wethington explains “Our goal for Theoria Records is to find artists who embody the same traits that are at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about finding talented artists, and doing everything we can to build success alongside them.”

Theoria Records is launching with a strong schedule of releases, starting with the new single from metalcore act Colony Collapse “Paranoia Agent”, premiering Thursday June 10th via Outburn Magazine followed shortly by singles from acts such as Polterguise, Dead Days, The Difference Between, RVNT, A Scent Like Wolves, Softspoken, Aluxes, and S’efforcer this summer.