Execution Day release new single "Epitaph"

Execution Day release new single "Epitaph"

Today Pittsburgh, PA based Metalcore band, Execution Day released a massive new song called “Epitaph”.

“Epitaph is a sort of final word to your loved ones before you pass on, something you’d want them to know even if you weren’t here to say it to them.

Highlighted in the lines, "You’re worth your weight in gold” and “Find room in your heart to grow” is a reminder that, you have a place, you have a purpose on this earth and in this life.

We as human beings are imperfect, we make mistakes and there is always room in ourselves to be better and treat others with the love we expect to be treated with in return. Everyone is loved and worthy even in the times they may be at their lowest and darkest times, when all hope seems lost.” - Dylan Dively

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