The ancient Greek word Theoria translates to “contemplation” or “looking into” and is the root of the English “theory”. It is also the foundation of everything that THEORIA RECORDS is built upon. 

Co-founded and operated by Chris Wethington and Cody Frain - who between them have over twenty years of experience in the music industry as touring artists, managers, booking agents, marketers, label directors, and A&R reps - Theoria Records is founded on the belief, or theory, that there are four traits that support success:

Having PASSION for what you do;
INTEGRITY in how you do it;
CREATIVITY in overcoming obstacles;
and HUMILITY in success.

Our mission is to find artists who embody the same traits that are at the heart of what we do, and to grow with them.



Founder / Co-Owner
Chris got his start in the music industry at the age of 16 when his first band signed to a small regional indie record label and he self-booked their first three-week tour. Though that band fizzled out, Chris' passion and determination to "make it" in the music industry only increased.

For the past 16 years since, Chris has devoted his free time to not only expand his skills as a musician, but also as a player in the industry at large. Having picked up a range of skills over the years, Chris is passionate about one thing first and foremost: helping others.

His first independent step into the industry came in 2018 when he launched what was then Theoria Management. His hard work at growing with bands VRSTY (Spinefarm Records), and RVNT (now on Theoria Records) earned the attention of larger 307 Artist Management, where he partnered.

Theoria was then transformed into Theoria Group, where Chris continues to offer services to artists ranging from marketing, web development, PR, and more.

In late 2020 Chris and long-time friend Cody Frain came together to launch Theoria Records, build upon the same tenets that Chris has let guide his personal and professional life: passion, integrity, creativity, and humility.

Owner of Theoria Group
Artist Manager at 307 Artist Management
Copywriter at Joey Sturgis Tones


Co-Owner / Label Director
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