[PRE-ORDER] Distant Dystopia Vinyl
[PRE-ORDER] Distant Dystopia Vinyl
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[PRE-ORDER] Distant Dystopia Vinyl

A Scent Like Wolves
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Vinyl Details: Half Orange / Half Green with Black Splatter. 180g. Gatefold 12" vinyl. This is the jungle variant which is limited to 100 units.

About the album: A Scent Like Wolves are back with their long-awaited fourth LP, Distant Dystopia. The album contains dark lyrical themes surrounding a post-apocalyptic planet. The lead single "Sunscape" takes you on a horrifying journey, painting a vivid portrayal of the world's final days. It explores the despair of a waning and desperate population. Amidst the crumbling civilizations and shattered dreams, the song's haunting refrain reminds us of the fragility of existence and impermanence of life. The track becomes an anthem of both acceptance and defiance, urging listeners to find solace in the fleeting moments of beauty that remain.

Credits: Produced by Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland // Atrium Audio. Design and artwork by Cory Curly Swope // Curly Art.

01 Traveler
02 Sunscape
03 Force Field
04 Familiar Beings
05 Starship
06 Interstellar (ft. Marcus Vik of Invent Animate)
07 Distant Dystopia
08 Reach Into Hell (ft. ZOMBIESHARK!)
09 Artificial Love
10 Halcyon
11 Spell Caster
12 Escape Hatch (ft. Sailing Before The Wind)

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